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Marketing campaigns and customer generation are tempting features of the wider marketplace, and they certainly have their place in your business plan.

However, before you take the plunge, line up company operating processes and standardise procedures to ensure contingencies are stable and long term, in the event of sudden internal or external change. It may mean the difference between sinking and competing at the business Olympics.

What are Systems & Procedures?

Procedures, Systems, Processes and Instructions are all synonymous terms. Procedures outline, in specific detail, how actions and tasks are carried out, according to job description and task designation. They must be easy to find, understand and implement. A clearly defined set of instructions are vital to the continuity and functionality of a thriving business.

Remember: If it's not written down, it doesn't exist.

Is there a Procedural Formula?

While the smaller details will vary from business to business, depending on age and industry, building procedures follows a linear process. Goldcross assists business owners in identifying:

  • The Objective of each task or duty.
  • The Skills required to performed the task or duty.
  • The Method used to achieve the Objective.

Each step is documented in its simplest form, set out in a series of actions that leave no detail to the imagination. Each process needs to be reviewed annually or according to the needs of the business; ignoring a process is worse than not having one at all!

What GoldCross Can Do For Your Business!

New Business
If you've joined us a new or start-up business, it's great to see you. Nailing down a list of procedures according to job descriptions can be completed in tandem with hiring and refining the role.

Existing Business
If you're an existing business, without an implemented systems plan, most of you procedures have been decided informally. You expect employees to know their role from previous experience; a slight problem, your expectations and the practices of other businesses may not always line up. It is prudent then to sit down with Goldcross Consulting and identify the requirements and responsibilities of each process – a sometimes, long and arduous process, but one that will mitigate small failings later on, improving staff performance and company longevity.

Floundering Business
A floundering business is losing momentum, energy is being diverted into assisting the company to stay afloat on a financial, marketing and public level – while these elements are important in repairing past mistakes and improving prospects, it is incredibly important for business owners to invest a little time (and money) into devising and writing streamlined procedures. Not only will business owners identify redundancies and education opportunities, it will enhance their understanding of the inner working of their current structure and make the necessary improvements. Small duty issues can snow ball into one big mess, sending you bankrupt. Consistent implementation and refinement of activities – procedural and management – can break business owners out of a tight spot and rebuild a sustainable brand.

Contact Goldcross Consulting today and take charge of your procedures – Do it right the first time!

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Did you know?

Before Goldcross Consulting, Alan was a nationally recognised caterer, winning numerous industry awards, after building his hospitality legacy from the ground up. He stresses the importance of a detailed business infrastructure, covering every aspect, from customer relations, stock dispatch and cancellation policies.

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