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Cash Flow. The phrase simulates a myriad of reactions, from sleepless nights to quiet confidence, making money and turning a profit can divert our minds into over-drive.

The Australian Tax Office cannot compel or force your business to be profitable; small and big companies go under and fold all the time. However, continuing to operate without any sufficient cash (enough to pay bills and salaries as they fall due) can actually land you in jail.

Consequences of Poor Cash Flow Management

Apart from spending a siesta in jail, failing cash flow can land business owners in a variety of sticky situations, including:

  • Bad Bank Image – On the rare event you're allowed to borrow any further capital, you will encounter higher interest rates and premiums. Your boiling books are now a risky investment.
  • Snappy Suppliers – Good business management demands the maintenance of professional relationships, including suppliers. If suppliers come to regard your business as overly risky, products will become harder to obtain or simply more expensive.
  • Opportunists & Scammers – Some customers may lose respect for your business, delaying payment until pushed or forgoing it all together.
  • Unhappy Staff – No matter how much your employees love you, their jobs or the company, they need to be paid. They have their own bills, debts and hassles. Some may jump ship due to instability or circumstance.
  • Miserable You – Sleepless nights and arguments may loom large as pressures from household responsibilities and expectations compound the existing financial strains of the business.

What a horrible scenario. But don't despair, regulated cash flow management IS possible.

How Can GoldCross Consulting Help?

Managing a business can take its toll on business owners and long time employees. To avoid cash flow management issues, GoldCross Consulting have responded to several enquiries just like yours. Our Cash Flow Report is a service standard, developed to assist business owners to manage their financial in flow and out-flow, highlighting red areas where control is most necessary. We will identify your cash cycle, sit down with you and bring it under firm management together.

Are your numbers in the right place?

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Did you know?

Before Goldcross Consulting, Alan was a nationally recognised caterer, winning numerous industry awards, after building his hospitality legacy from the ground up. He stresses the importance of a detailed business infrastructure, covering every aspect, from customer relations, stock dispatch and cancellation policies.

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