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Retiring Soon?
You have arrived at the final page. Before you rush to the last sentence however, there's a lot to consider. You'd like to believe your business can get along without you; you've groomed your managing director for a couple of years now, creating an efficient leader in waiting – it isn't that simple. Before you can exit gracefully, you must have a plan in place to satisfy contingencies and consequences.

Moving On?
You have decided to sell the business. A new opportunity or investment beckons; selling in a buyer market is presumably easy, so you have no need to plan, right? Wrong. Only 21% of business owners successfully market and sell their business. The rest fold. To improve your chances of being in the lucky minority, an exit plan will forearm you in a competitive market, targeting the right buying segments and tailoring an exit strategy to maximise your selling potential.

Services for an exiting business include:

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Did you know?

Before Goldcross Consulting, Alan was a nationally recognised caterer, winning numerous industry awards, after building his hospitality legacy from the ground up. He stresses the importance of a detailed business infrastructure, covering every aspect, from customer relations, stock dispatch and cancellation policies.

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