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Do you own your own business?

Congratulations. You've taken the first step toward changing your business for the better.

in 90 days, Goldcross Consulting will seal a plan to reform your finances and establish organisational goals and strategies. Our seven step process will equip business owners with the tools to overcome obstacles, develop employees and manage the ever-changing structure of the local and international business climate.

Step 1 – Develop High Level Strategies: Where Would You Like to be in 3 Years?
Starting a business can be energetic – rushing from one half formed idea to the next, focusing on a static big picture without fleshing out the finer strands of reality that will influence your final destination or selling price. To get the most out of your business, at any stage, Goldcross will help you assess your personal aspirations, their limitations and expiry. Formulating a long term strategy, informed by your passions, will assist Goldcross in cultivating a realistic Exit Plan for your business.

Step 2 – Success Factors: Goal Setting
Goals. are encouraged to make goals, though goal-setting is a mine-field of how do I? Why should I? What if I do it wrong? Goldcross Consulting relieves pressure on business owners (you!), collaborating on an achievable road-map, noting particular segments of possible development. Our consultants get you thinking about your business, helping you to set long-term, realistic and situational goals in the following areas:

  • Customer Goals
  • Financial Goals
  • Systems Goals
  • People Goals

Step 3 – Actions & Milestones: Adapting Your Business to Changing Circumstances
Establishing goals is half the battle. Goals are action titles, denoting intention and announcing what you intend to do. Goldcross Consulting walk you through market tactics and contingencies, developing a comprehensive plan to achieve the documented milestones, allowing for changes in circumstance.

Step 4 – Monthly Business Review: How Are You Travelling?
Goldcross Consulting will assist you in devising and implementing business tracking procedures. Reviewing company progress through a monthly lens will assist you in identifying straggling elements before serious fires starts, destroying infrastructure and morale. You will track:

  • Financial Results
  • Strategic Results
  • Operational Review

Step 5 – Systems & Workflow
Procedures outline how actions and tasks are carried out. They must be easy to find, understand and implement. A clearly defined set of instructions are vital to the continuity and functionality of your business. Goldcross Consulting will work with you to develop:

  • Policies & Procedures
  • Document Management
  • Customer Service Logs
  • Project Accountability

Step 6 – Employee Management: Employment Ju Jit Su
Goldcross Consulting encourage every business owner to value and respect their employees, providing you with the right tools and processes to create a beneficial environment for everybody. Actively listening and anticipating employee needs and motivations will ensure accountability systems drive the success of your business. In 90 days, you will have the ability to manage:

  • Weekly Staff Plans
  • Company Meetings
  • Monthly Staff Reviews
  • Annual Performance Reviews

Step 7 – Culture Change & Sustainability: Is Everybody Happy?
Culture is no longer a humanistic buzz word; culture often determines the success of a business, creating a conduit for business goals and employees to connect. If your company culture is adaptive and inclusive, catering to all pay-grades, from cleaning staff to top level management, there is a significant chance you will outperform and dwarf long-standing competitors with tradition social economies. A business is not just a fiscal investment; you, as business owner, are creating a professional family. Goldcross Consulting close out our 90 day scheme culture planning, assessing:

  • CEO Supports Culture
  • Employee Culture
  • Management Culture
  • Staff-to-Business Engagement

Do you want the answers? Start Planning Now! Contact Goldcross Consulting for an obligation free, initial consultation!


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Did you know?

Before Goldcross Consulting, Alan was a nationally recognised caterer, winning numerous industry awards, after building his hospitality legacy from the ground up. He stresses the importance of a detailed business infrastructure, covering every aspect, from customer relations, stock dispatch and cancellation policies.

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